{This moment}

{This moment} - Un ritual de los viernes*. Una sola foto. Sin palabras. Capturando un momento de la semana. Un momento simple, especial, extraordinario. Un momento que quiero poner en pausa, saborear y recordar. Si te sientes inspirad@ a hacer lo mismo, copia tu momento en este enlace. ¡Feliz viernes! 

*Inspirado por Amanda Soule

3 comentarios

  1. Just gorgeous! What a beautiful spot!

    Our moment this week is from a sweet, early morning moment with Emma and our kitty.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. That is a beautiful moment, and one I would love to have with my children someday soon.

  3. Aqueducts are so impressive. They have so many around my husbands home town in Italy. What a great place to sit for a bit. Thanks for sharing! Here's our moment: http://bit.ly/OiQkaj


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